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A Power Bank battery allows to reload the electronic devices: smartphone, tablet, GPS, e-cigarette, camera, etc. Choose shape, color and capacity.

  • Classic Power Banks
    Classic Power Banks

    Make the professional life of your away-customers easier by offering them a product from our Classic Power Banks collection, custom-made external batteries that they can take anywhere with them. Compact and easy to carry, our Classic Power Banks will meet your most demanding expectations by providing you quality products, made of strong plastic, and equipped with an efficient charging system. Thanks to their large marking surface area, our Classic Power Banks will allow you to display the logo of your brand as well as its slogan, on these modern and uncluttered batteries. With their contemporary and attractive designs with clean lines, the Classic Power Banks will arouse envy! Offer your clients the Classic Power Bank of your choice at your many and varied professional events, to increase your company’s visibility and improve its image. Our Classic Power Banks can be easily accessorised, and have an optimal charge capacity, to be chosen among several formats. With their Classic Power Bank, your customers will no longer be afraid to get away from a source of electricity!


  • Prestige Power Banks
    Prestige Power Banks

    Opt for elegance and originality, and surprise your sophisticated customers with a Prestige Power Bank, a mobile battery that will allow your collaborators to recharge their smartphones and tablets, but also their cameras or electronic cigarettes. Top-end, distinguished and resistant, our Prestige Power Banks are true luxury portable batteries. Discover our wide selection of Prestige Power Banks and choose one with glossy, bright or matt finish ; wood, metal, plastic or steel design. Thanks to their optimal marking space, each of our Prestige Power Banks can be customised easily, using high-quality, precise and efficient printing technology. You can make print a four-color photo, the logo of your renowned company or a text of your choice, to benefit from a 100% customised communication campaign. Perfect for all your advertising and commercial operations, the Prestige Power Banks of our collection will be a precious marketing asset, allowing you to stand out in style. Every day our collection is increased, so do not hesitate to come back regularly.

  • Flat Power Bank
    Flat Power Bank

    Our range of Flat Power Banks will allow your connected customers to easily charge their mobile devices in all simplicity: smartphones, tablets, GPS, electronic cigarettes or cameras, these easily customisable practical devices will become your best allies in the quest for visibility! With their stylish and ultra-flat designs that fit in every pocket, choose your Flat Power Bank with or without screen, with zingy or simple colours, uncluttered or sophisticated, in order to recharge your mobile devices in style. Our Flat Power Banks will be the ideal corporate gift to be offered to your collaborators at the occasion of your advertising events, providing them a unique and user-friendly portable charging device that will allow them to work anywhere. With their large printing areas, you can easily print a colour image, your brand’s logo or the text of your choice, and quickly increase your company’s visibility. We regularly update our collection of Flat Power Banks, so do not hesitate to consult it regularly to keep you informed.

  • Original Power Banks
    Original Power Banks

    Choose originality by opting for a Power Bank battery among our wide range of Original Power Banks. Let your imagination run free with these original and exclusive mobile batteries that will allow your special customers to recharge not only their smartphones and tablets but also their GPS, electronic cigarettes or cameras. Discover our wide selection of Original Power Banks and print your company logo on it, a text or a colour image, thanks to their nice marking surfaces. With our quality printing techniques, you will benefit from a unique object of high quality. Particularly suitable for your most demanding advertising and commercial operations, our Original Power Banks will be a shock marketing asset, allowing you to stand out from the competition originally. With or without screen, shaped like a pen or an amusing object, equipped with a cigarette lighter socket, or with a space to slide a paper inside, surprise everyone with our Original Power Banks, and recharge your advertising batteries in style!


  • Custom Power Banks
    Custom Power Banks

    Customise your publicity campaign by selecting a power bank modelled on your brand and shaped like the object of your choice, with our wide range of Custom Power Bank, original and highly customisable advertising products that will allow your customers to recharge their electronic devices originally. All our Custom Power Banks are equipped with a USB and micro USB port to meet your most demanding technical requirements. Perfect for your marketing and merchandising needs, these brand new mobile batteries will showcase the logo of your brand in an original way. Resulting from the modeling of an object, a symbol or a logo from soft but resistant PVC, our Custom Power Banks will take the shape you want them. Animals, food, means of locomotion or decorative objects, these connected batteries will allow you every whim! We regularly add new products on-line, so do not hesitate to come back regularly.


  • Batterie Power bank Sans Fil
    Batterie Power bank...

    Discover our range of external batteries Power bank Wireless Design IQ to be taken everywhere. An innovating product to reload quickly your electronic devices that they are or not compatible with the QI technology.

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