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Vous souhaitez créer votre produits sur mesure en PVC, ABS, silicone, bois, cuir ou métal ? Découvrez quelques une de nos réalisations et consultez nous pour étudier ce projet passionnant.

  • Custom USB Stick
    Custom USB Stick

    Looking for a unique USB flash drive? We offer you to design together the custom USB memory stick that best suits you, in the colours of your company, made from the material of your choice. Discover our products and submit your ideas!


  • Custom Power Bank
    Custom Power Bank

    Customise your publicity campaign by selecting a power bank modelled on your brand and shaped like the object of your choice, with our wide range of Custom Power Bank, original and highly customisable advertising products that will allow your customers to recharge their electronic devices originally. All our Custom Power Banks are equipped with a USB and micro USB port to meet your most demanding technical requirements. Perfect for your marketing and merchandising needs, these brand new mobile batteries will showcase the logo of your brand in an original way. Resulting from the modeling of an object, a symbol or a logo from soft but resistant PVC, our Custom Power Banks will take the shape you want them. Animals, food, means of locomotion or decorative objects, these connected batteries will allow you every whim! We regularly add new products on-line, so do not hesitate to come back regularly.


  • Custom Keyring
    Custom Keyring
  • Custom Packaging
    Custom Packaging
  • Custom Speaker
    Custom Speaker
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Showing 1 - 15 of 29 items

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