Wood & Biodegradable USB Flash Drives 

Display your commitment to environment by choosing a USB memory stick among our large collection of Wood & Biodegradable USB Flash Drives, quality devices made of noble and durable material, elaborated from recycled plant fibres, both natural and recyclable work tools. With a wide choice of shapes (square, rectangular, oval, but also taking the form of animals, plants or other objects of your choice), natural recyclable materials (solid wood, light wood, beech, maple or bamboo wood, cork, recycled chips, cardboard and other ecological materials), these durable USB memory sticks will allow your responsible customers and collaborators to transfer their data while helping to protect the environment. Choose to custom your Wood & Biodegradable USB Flash Drives with your company’s logo, and select from innovative locking systems: pivoting, sliding or with the help of a simple transparent cap. The Wood & Biodegradable USB Flash Drives will be perfect advertising objects to succeed in every advertising operation: company seminar, or trade show gifts, these ecological flash drives will conquer the heart of every nature lover! Do not hesitate to consult regularly our catalog to keep yourself informed about our latest products.


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  • Make your commitment for environment clear with the Ecological Wood USB Flash Drive, an activist advertising memory stick made from recycled wood!

  • Add a wooden touch to your advertising campaign with the Eco Pivoting Wood USB Flash Drive, a custom electronic device that you can customise at your convenience

  • Show your commitment to the environment with the Biodegradable Galaxy USB Flash Drive, an ecological advertising custom memory stick, for an efficient and relevant communication campaign!

  • Bring a whiff of fresh air to your promotional campaign with the Biodegradable Ball USB Flash Drive, an environmentally friendly custom publicity flash drive that will delight your activist clients!

  • Orientate your communication campaign on the bright side with the Pivoting Wood USB Flash Drive, an original custom advertising flash drive that will please your environmentally friendly customers.

  • Hit the bull’s eye with the Cardboard USB Flash Drive, an ecological advertising custom memory stick made from recycled materials.

  • Bring a wish of nature to your advertising campaign thanks to the Custom Wooden USB Flash Drive, an ecological advertising flash drive, which will allow your activist clients to transfer their files while respecting the environment.  

  • Play fair with the Wooden Dices USB Flash Drive, a funny ecological publicity memory stick that will allow you to increase your visibility, while allowing the most players of your customers to transfer their data in no time at all!

  • Firmly believe in your publicity campaign with the Cross Wood USB Flash Drive, an environmentally friendly custom memory stick shaped like a cross.

  • Display your love for nature with the Europe Eco USB Flash Drive, a publicity ecological flash drive made in Europe from veined exotic wood.

  • Show your love for nature with the Square Cork USB Flash Drive, an advertising USB memory stick made of natural and recycled materials, for the enjoyment of your environmentalist customers.

  • Transfer your files to your heart’s content, thanks to the Wine Barrel USB Flash Drive, a unique advertising memory stick that will delight fine oenologists with expert palate!

  • Sketch a successful publicity campaign modelled on your company with the Wood Pencil USB Flash Drive, an original custom USB memory stick that will delight your artistic customers!

  • The Retractable Wood USB Flash Drive is a plastic USB covered by wood. Its finish is particulary careful.

  • The Solid Wood Elephant USB Flash Drive is an advertising flash drive shaped like an elephant with infinite memory, which will allow you to transfer your files safely while respecting the environment!

Showing 16 - 30 of 59 items

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