Make your clients work in music with our nice range of USB speakers, original electronic devices that can be easily customised. Some of our USB speakers can be connected to your computer in Bluetooth, an ingenious way to enjoy music without needing any wire. These practical and compact speakers come in several designs, just as original as the others! Miniatures, portable, transparent or shaped like the object of your choice, these nice and amusing products will allow your clients to read their audio or video files wherever they are. With a large choice of materials (wood, PVC, plastic...) and colours, these modern speakers will seduce every professional. Do not hesitate to consult our list regularly to keep you informed of new products.


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  • You have always wanted a speaker that looks like you ? Have your PVC Bluetooth Speaker made to your company's image !

  • The Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker is compact and design! The wood of the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker gives a lot of originality to a must product.

  • Looking for a discreet, yet powerful enclosure? Try the Cylinder Bluetooth Speakers !

  • Do not leave without your Power Bank Bluetooth Speaker, a new external battery and 2-in-1, that will allow your music lovers to recharge their mobile devices while listening to music!

  • Work in music with the Music Power Bank, a two-in-one unique external battery, which will allow your music-loving clients to recharge their nomadic devices, while listening to music!

  • The Travel Bluetooth Speaker is compact and design! The shape of the Travel Bluetooth Speaker gives a lot of originality to this object that will not leave you anymore.

  • The Bluetooth Keychain Speaker is really handy, it attaches easily to your keychain.

  • The Printed Cube Speaker is made of printed cardboard. The shape of the Printed Cube Speaker in fully customized.

  • The Bluetooth Vase Speaker is compact and design with its built-in LED. It works wirelessly via Bluetooth.

  • The Mini Cube Bluetooth Speaker is compact and design ! The shape of the Mini Cube Bluetooth Speaker gives it a lot of originality.

  • The DIY Bluetooth Speaker is compact and design! Choose yourself what picture you want to put on your DIY Bluetooth Speaker!

  • Want to listen to music? Let yourself be seduced by the Qi Bluetooth Speaker ! Compact, you can take it anywhere.

  • The Bluetooth Speaker LED connects to your smartphone or tablet to listen to your music wherever you are. The microphone can be used as a hands-free kit.

  • Want to put a few colors in the lives of your customers? With its many colors available, the Cube Color Bluetooth Speaker will be perfect!

  • Are you overwhelmed by all the identical speakers? Discover the Stereo Speaker! Thanks to its design, stand out!

Showing 1 - 15 of 27 items

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