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Draw a communication campaign that matches your expectations thanks to our wide selection of promotional USB Pens, high-tech, original and two-in-one objects that combine the function of a ballpoint pen with the one of a USB flash drive, enabling you to offer your customers, employees or collaborators, original working tools, and to carry out an increasingly effective promotional campaign. A miniature USB stick is hidden in the cap of these hybrid pens that will allow you to transfer all your files. Our advertising USB pens have an optimal marking space to meet your custom needs: thanks to our proven marking techniques (laser engraving, pad printing or CMYK colour printing), make engrave the logo of your brand and choose the colour of your product from a wide range of Pantone shades, in the design that suits you best (slim, sleek, original or user-friendly). Both compact and practical, the USB Pens of our elaborated collection can be easily attached to your employees' notebooks and quickly slipped into their pockets thanks to the ergonomic clip provided. Do not hesitate to consult our list of USB Pens regularly, as we update our collection daily.


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  • Offer your devoted team a unique work tool thanks to the Circus USB Pen, a two-in-one advertising pen that combines the function of a ballpoint pen with the one of a USB flash drive.

  • Open up your scope of possibilities with the Company USB Pen, a custom two-in-one advertising pen, which will allow you to quickly increase your visibility.

  • Equip your commercial team in style thanks to the Carbon Extra Slim USB Pen, an advertising two-in-one pen combining the functionality of a ballpoint pen with the one of a mini USB memory stick.

  • Draw yourself an advertising object that reflects your personality thanks to the Soft Metal USB Pen, a nice pen with uncluttered lines comprising a mini USB flash drive provided inside its cap

  • Conduct your conferences originally with the Business Laser Pointer USB Pen, a three-in-one advertising pen, which combines the functionalities of a ballpoint pen, a flash drive and a laser pointer. No less!

  • Offer you demanding clients a prestigious advertising object thanks to the Extra Slim Prestige USB Pen, a pen that contains inside its cap, a smart USB flash drive.

  • Sketch a communication campaign in due form thanks to the Slim Advertising USB Pen, an elegant and original hybrid pen that comprises in its cap, a mini USB flash drive.

  • Write a new advertising page with the Rocket USB Pen, a custom advertising pen that contains a mini USB flash drive, which will delight your clients keen on switched-on work tools!

  • Sign your papers in style thanks to the Slim USB Pen, a prestigious advertising object including a mini USB flash drive.

  • Polish your communication campaign with the Luxury Slim USB Pen, a two-in-one advertising pen, both clever and user-friendly, that contains, inside its athlete's body, a USB flash drive with an absolute fineness !

  • Benefit from a three-in-one advertising tool with the Stylus USB Pen, a custom functional pen that assumes the jobs of a ballpoint pen, a stylus for tablets or smartphones, and a USB flash drive.

  • Offer your faithful collaborators a unique electronic work tool thanks to the All Aluminium USB Pen, a two-in-one advertising pen that combines the functionality of a ballpoint pen with the one of a mini USB flash drive.

  • Show your commitment for environment with the Metal Wood USB Ballpoint Pen, a custom two-in-one advertising pen made from natural materials.

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

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