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Le plus grand choix de Clés USB Publicitaires en Europe : des formes diverses et variées à partir de matériaux tels que le bois, le métal, le cuir ou le plastique.

  • Classic USB Flash Drives
    Classic USB Flash Drives

    Discover our wide range of Classic USB Flash Drives, efficient advertising USB memory sticks adapted to your specific needs and budget, which will allow you to customise your communication campaign easily. Particularly suitable for your professional requirements, our Classic USB Flash Drives will leave you the choice among simple, elegant and user-friendly products. You will find in this category USB sticks with geometric shapes (round, oval, square, or rectangular...), made from the material of your choice (rubber, metal, plastic, aluminum...), equipped with a convenient locking system (runner, pivot, cap), and using optimal USB technology. Perfect for carrying out all your marketing operations, each of our Classic USB Flash Drive is easily customisable and can contain the logo of your brand thanks to our proven printing techniques: laser engraving, pad printing, doming or CMYK colour printing, our customisation systems will allow you to benefit from a high-quality product, adapted to your most demanding commercial expectations. Every day, we add new products to our offer, to help you find the USB flash drive you need. Do not hesitate to come back regularly to consult our list of Classic USB Flash Drives.


  • Prestige USB Flash Drives
    Prestige USB Flash Drives

    Choose refinement and originality and surprise your sophisticated customers with a product from our Prestige USB Flash Drives, top-end, high quality, distinguished and resistant USB flash drives, similar to precious jewelry. Discover our wide selection of Prestige USB Flash Drives and choose one in the shape you prefer (rectangular, round, square, or in a custom design of your choice), in the material that best suits you, with a glossy, bright or matt finish. Thanks to their optimal marking space, each of our Prestige USB Flash Drives can be quickly customised, using high-quality, efficient printing technology. Particularly suitable for your advertising and commercial operations, the Prestige USB Flash Drives of our collection will be a perfect marketing asset, allowing you to stand out in style. Spoil your customers, employees, collaborators and associates with these luxury USB memory sticks, which will not go unnoticed! We add new products to our collection every day, so do not hesitate to consult it regularly to keep informed about last novelties.


  • Leather USB Flash Drives
    Leather USB Flash Drives

    The Leather USB Flash Drives of our wide range of genuine leather products will meet your most demanding advertising needs, to help you increase your visibility and differentiate yourself elegantly. Made with quality leather, our Leather USB Flash Drives have an optimal marking area that will allow you to customise your products easily, by printing the logo of your brand or a text of your choice, in order to obtain a completely custom advertising object. Our USB memory sticks are available in several shapes: rounded, oval or square, but also in more original forms: animals, vegetables, objects or wristbands, these luxury advertising flash drives will not leave indifferent! For an even more customised communication campaign, you can choose your Leather USB Flash Drive in the Pantone colour that best characterises your company. You can also decide to add convenient accessories (keyring, clip, neck strap, wristband...) for easier handling. By offering your demanding customers a Leather USB Flash Drives, you allow them to transfer their files with prestige! Do not hesitate to browse our list regularly, to keep you informed of new products.


  • Wood & Biodegradable USB Flash Drives
    Wood & Biodegradable...

    Display your commitment to environment by choosing a USB memory stick among our large collection of Wood & Biodegradable USB Flash Drives, quality devices made of noble and durable material, elaborated from recycled plant fibres, both natural and recyclable work tools. With a wide choice of shapes (square, rectangular, oval, but also taking the form of animals, plants or other objects of your choice), natural recyclable materials (solid wood, light wood, beech, maple or bamboo wood, cork, recycled chips, cardboard and other ecological materials), these durable USB memory sticks will allow your responsible customers and collaborators to transfer their data while helping to protect the environment. Choose to custom your Wood & Biodegradable USB Flash Drives with your company’s logo, and select from innovative locking systems: pivoting, sliding or with the help of a simple transparent cap. The Wood & Biodegradable USB Flash Drives will be perfect advertising objects to succeed in every advertising operation: company seminar, or trade show gifts, these ecological flash drives will conquer the heart of every nature lover! Do not hesitate to consult regularly our catalog to keep yourself informed about our latest products.


  • Smartphone USB Flash Drives
    Smartphone USB Flash...

    Transfer your files directly to your smartphone with our wide range of Smartphone USB Flash Drives, original and innovative USB memory sticks that will allow you to work without leaving the touchscreen of your precious smartphone or tablet! Mini USB flash drives equipped with OTG (On The Go) technology, USB sticks that act like real styluses, USB flash drives shaped like credit cards, or simpler products just as functional, our special Smartphone USB Flash Drive’s collection will offer you an innovative transfer method, for all tastes and all budgets. Thanks to their Micro USB technology, each one of our Smartphone USB Flash Drives has two USB ports (a standard USB port and a Micro USB port), so you can also connect them to your computer. These new generation of USB flash drives can also provide a 3.1 USB transfer system, which, compared to USB 2.0 devices, offers you the privilege of transferring your data faster, while consuming less energy. A great asset when you will use them on your mobile devices. Whatever your operating system, you will find a Smartphone USB Flash Drive that best suits you. With the Smartphone USB Keys, add a touch of originality to your communication campaign, and revolutionise the world of USB!


  • USB Pens
    USB Pens

    Draw a communication campaign that matches your expectations thanks to our wide selection of promotional USB Pens, high-tech, original and two-in-one objects that combine the function of a ballpoint pen with the one of a USB flash drive, enabling you to offer your customers, employees or collaborators, original working tools, and to carry out an increasingly effective promotional campaign. A miniature USB stick is hidden in the cap of these hybrid pens that will allow you to transfer all your files. Our advertising USB pens have an optimal marking space to meet your custom needs: thanks to our proven marking techniques (laser engraving, pad printing or CMYK colour printing), make engrave the logo of your brand and choose the colour of your product from a wide range of Pantone shades, in the design that suits you best (slim, sleek, original or user-friendly). Both compact and practical, the USB Pens of our elaborated collection can be easily attached to your employees' notebooks and quickly slipped into their pockets thanks to the ergonomic clip provided. Do not hesitate to consult our list of USB Pens regularly, as we update our collection daily.


  • Card USB Flash Drives
    Card USB Flash Drives

    Shaped like credit cards more authentic than the original, our Card USB Flash Drives will be a choice marketing asset in the quest for visibility! With this kind of electronic transfer device, you will attract the envious looks of your customers and collaborators, to whom you can offer a product to the colors of your company, to be chosen among our wide range of original products. Both compact and practical, the Card USB Flash Drives can easily fit inside a wallet, joining the credit cards, loyalty cards and other smart cards of your customers. Ultra-slim and lightweight, these new generation of USB sticks can also be slipped inside your company brochures, to be sent by mail. Thanks to their ultra-flat USB port, easy to deploy and put back in place, the Card USB Flash Drives will save you some space! Square, round, oval or in the shape of your choice, our Card USB Flash Drives can be easily customised: engrave a colour image on its entire surface, as well as your company logo and a text of your choice, to benefit from a unique advertising campaign. Do not hesitate to consult our list regularly to keep informed about our latest products.


  • Mini USB Flash Drives
    Mini USB Flash Drives

    Do not waste your space with bulky electronic devices thanks to our large collection of Mini USB Flash Drives, easily customisable miniature USB memory sticks that will allow your customers to work free as a bird! With their original designs, our Mini USB Flash Drives are innovative, high-tech products that represent the smallest electronic devices on the USB market. Pivoting, sliding, with or without cap, choose your memory stick from a wide range of miniature transfer products that will save you some space! The small size of these USB flash drives does not prevent customisation: just like its big sisters, you can print the logo of your brand thanks to their optimal printing area. Metal, wood, aluminum or plastic, select the material you prefer, for a well-crafted communication campaign! Some of our Mini USB Flash Drives are equipped with 3.0 USB technology for faster file transfer. Check our Mini USB Flash Drives’ list regularly to keep up with latest arrivals.


  • Original USB Flash Drives
    Original USB Flash Drives

    Let your imagination run free with our wide range of Original USB Flash Drives, fun and unusual advertising USB memory sticks that will allow your brand to increase its visibility. Shaped like animals, food, beverages, decorative objects, clothing, sporting equipments or means of transport, no field of activity is excluded in this category! You should easily find the USB flash drive you are looking for. With a wide choice of materials (metal, aluminum, wood, rubber, plastic, 2D or 3D PVC, recycled cardboard...), convenient locking systems (cap, runner, pivot...), infinite customisation possibilities (you can add accessories such as neck straps, necklaces, key rings…, optimised printing area and wide choice of colours), as well as state-of-the-art USB technologies (OTG, 2.0 USB and 3.0), our Original USB Flash Drives will allow you to stand out, by offering your associates, collaborators or employees, unique transfer devices. All our Original USB Flash Drives can be easily customised, thanks to their practical marking space that will allow you every whim! Whether you are specialised in building, sport, transport or health, our Original USB Flash Drives will satisfy your most demanding advertising expectations. Regularly check out our collection of Original USB Flash Drives to keep you informed about novelties.


  • Key USB Flash Drives
    Key USB Flash Drives

    Push the doors of advertising success with a USB stick of our large collection of Key USB Flash Drives, original and resistant transfer devices which will allow you to add a touch of fun to your marketing campaigns. With their original designs, materials carefully selected by our manufacturers as well as innovative USB technologies, our Key USB Flash Drives will allow you to open up new horizons. Shaped like lock keys, these unusual USB flash drives offer you various designs, which you can choose according to the values ​​of your company: graphic keys with simple curves, modern keys made of steel, gold or silver vintage keys, or even tailor-made keys, these exclusive USB memory sticks will open you every door! With their optimised marking area, you can print your brand’s logo thanks to a precise, efficient and rigorous printing technique. And to never lose your flash drive, you can add convenient accessories to the product you have chosen (straps, key rings, etc.). The key to success !


  • Custom usb Flash drive
    Custom usb Flash drive
  • Original PVC USB Flash Drives
    Original PVC USB Flash...

    Let your imagination run free with our nice collection of Original PVC USB Flash Drives, exclusive and amusing advertising USB sticks, moulded according to your requirements, in 2D or 3D PVC. Shaped like the object you prefer (animals, people, food, drink, everyday objects, clothing, sports equipment, transportation, cosmetics or medical products), our range of PVC Original USB Flash Drives will offer something for every taste and budget! Our Original PVC USB Flash Drives are carefully crafted from high quality plastic, both flexible and resistant. Choose your shape, colour, locking system and accessories, and print your company’s logo or a text of your choice on your Original PVC USB Flash Drive. Also select the capacity and the USB technology that best suits you. Our Original PVC USB Flash Drives will allow you to stand out, offering your collaborators, customers or associates, a unique transfer device. All our Original PVC USB Flash Drives can be delivered with the packaging of your choice, which you can choose from our large collection of custom gift boxes. Whether you are specialised in building, food, sport, health, beauty or transportation, our Original PVC USB Flash Drives will satisfy your most demanding expectations.


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  • Show your natural side with the Tree USB Flash Drive, a custom advertising flash drive with bucolic design that will delight your environmentalist guests.

  • Take care of your files with the Cream Tube USB Flash Drive, a unique and original custom advertising memory stick that will allow you to pamper your patients in one click!

  • Paint the portrait of the ideal communication campaign with the Paint Tube USB Flash Drive, an exclusive advertising flash drive that will delight every budding artist!

  • Keep up the rythm with the Accordion USB Flash Drive ! 

  • Do you want to stand out from competing companies? It is possible with this Cow Dairy Cow USB flash drive! Elegant and original, this advertising object will please your customers.

  • Bring a wind of originality to your communication campaign with Suction Cup USB Flash Drive, an original and innovative electronic device, which you can customize to your convenience.

  • For an exquisite advertising campaign, bet on the Nail Polish USB Flash Drive, a branded USB stick shaped like a nail polish bottle.

  • With its character shape, the Judoka USB Flash Drive is a customized USB flash drive.

  • Go back in time with the Napoleon USB Flash Drive, an original branded USB stick that will allow Napoleon’s fans to transfer their data while enjoying a fun and unique product.

  • Refurbish your promotional campaign with the Screw USB Flash Drive, an unprecedented advertising USB stick that will not go unnoticed!

  • Send your files abroad with the Wagon USB Flash Drive, an original advertising USB stick shaped like a train wagon, which will delight beautiful engine lovers.

  • Incorrigible chocoholics will be thrilled to know that they will not gain a single pound with the Chocolate Cake USB Flash Drive!

Showing 511 - 522 of 522 items

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