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Pratique, ludique et toujours présents sur les bureaux, les Goodies USB Publicitaires apportent de l'innovation à votre communication par l'objet. Découvrez notre gamme adaptée à tous les budgets.

  • Mice USB
    Mice USB

    Our USB Hubs are innovative electronic devices that allow you to connect multiple devices or USB peripheral devices simultaneously to the port of your computer. Our large collection of promotional USB Hubs offers you convenient, fun and endlessly customisable products that will display your brand’s logo on all workspaces! Some hubs can directly display your company's website thanks to their Web Link button, a smart electronic device with numerous ports that will instantly increase the visibility of your company. Others hubs offer fun and original designs, which will brighten the professional routine of your assiduous customers! Flowers, animals, cars or hearts, our USB Hubs will quickly become the daily companions of your collaborators, who can work more effectively. These versatile work tools can integrate, at your request, the number of USB ports you prefer, and the possibility to add a jack for audio and microphone. We add products to our collection daily, so do not hesitate to come back regularly.



    Discover our range of Classic Ballpoint Pens, two-in-one original USB devices that combine the function of a ballpoint pen with that of a miniature USB memory stick. Our Classic Ballpoint Pens will be a great asset to benefit from a well-crafted marketing strategy! Choose the shape of your pens, uncluttered or more sophisticated, in the colour that matches your company’s values, and customise them easily. Half-wood half-metal hybrid pens, pens with grip for an excellent taking in hand, or light plastic pens, there is something for every taste and budget! All our Classic Ballpoint Pens have an optimised marking area, to increase the visibility of your company and set you apart from your toughest competition. Equip your employees in style with our wide range of Classic Ballpoint Pens, exclusive versatile work tools. Do not hesitate to consult our list regularly, we update our collection very often.



    Choose a closing system worthy of the name to complete your customised USB flash drives among our wide range of attachments for key rings, in the size and shape you like. Rings, chains, clips or carabiners, there will be a key ring for everyone! Practical, these multifunction fasteners can be customised in a flash. With our original keychains, take your custom electronic USB devices wherever you go without fear of forgetting them! With their quick locking systems, these convenient keychains will allow you to easily carry your USB sticks, Power Bank batteries or USB Hubs. Our keychains will easily adapt to your most demanding professional needs, providing you with resistant accessories, made of high quality metal.


  • Magnet & Sticker
    Magnet & Sticker
  • Badges
  • Universal Plug
    Universal Plug
  • Custom Candies
    Custom Candies
  • Connected Keychain
    Connected Keychain
  • Anti Stress and Gadget
    Anti Stress and Gadget
  • Goodies & Accessoires
    Goodies & Accessoires
  • Lecteurs Carte SD
    Lecteurs Carte SD
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Showing 1 - 15 of 55 items

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