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Smartphone USB Flash Drives 

Transfer your files directly to your smartphone with our wide range of Smartphone USB Flash Drives, original and innovative USB memory sticks that will allow you to work without leaving the touchscreen of your precious smartphone or tablet! Mini USB flash drives equipped with OTG (On The Go) technology, USB sticks that act like real styluses, USB flash drives shaped like credit cards, or simpler products just as functional, our special Smartphone USB Flash Drive’s collection will offer you an innovative transfer method, for all tastes and all budgets. Thanks to their Micro USB technology, each one of our Smartphone USB Flash Drives has two USB ports (a standard USB port and a Micro USB port), so you can also connect them to your computer. These new generation of USB flash drives can also provide a 3.1 USB transfer system, which, compared to USB 2.0 devices, offers you the privilege of transferring your data faster, while consuming less energy. A great asset when you will use them on your mobile devices. Whatever your operating system, you will find a Smartphone USB Flash Drive that best suits you. With the Smartphone USB Keys, add a touch of originality to your communication campaign, and revolutionise the world of USB!


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  • Transfer your files wherever you want with the Micro USB Rainbow Flash Drive, a unique advertising memory stick containing a micro USB port in addition to a standard one.

  • Lead an innovative communication campaign with the Android OTG 3.0 USB Flash Drive, a high-tech advertising memory stick that combines a 3.0 USB port with a OTG 3.0 USB port.

  • A high-tech breath is coming to your ad campaign with the Rotating USB/Micro USB Flash Drive, an innovate USB memory stick which has 2 USB ports which allows to transfer your data files in every device.

  • Credit your files to a virtual credit card with the OTG Credit Card USB Flash Drive, a custom advertising flash drive shaped like a credit card, which will delight the lovers of unique electronic objects.

  • Expand your publicity campaign horizons thanks to the Europe OTG Mini USB Flash Drive, a new-generation electronic device that will allow your demanding clients to transfer their data from a computer, but also from a smartphone, a tablet and any other mobile device.

  • Do not hoard excessive electronic devices anymore thanks to the 3.1 Metal Mini USB Flash Drive, a miniature advertising flash drive easily customisable, which will allow your customers working freely!

  • Expand your communication campaign’s horizons thanks to the 3.0 OTG Mini USB Flash Drive, a new generation electronic device that will allow your demanding customers to transfer their files from a computer, a tablet or any other mobile device.

  • Draw yourself a colourful communication campaign with the Color Stylus USB Flash Drive, an advertising 2-in-1 flash drive that combines the function of a USB memory stick with the one of a stylus for smartphone and tablet.

  • Get your Web tools together in one device thanks to the Pivoting Metal Stylus USB Flash Drive, a two-in-one top-end advertising memory stick that will delight the most stylish geeks!

  • Gather all your tools in a single electronic device with the Metal Stylus USB Flash Drive, a 2-in-1 advertising memory stick that will delight the most stylish of your customers!

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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