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Choose an attachment system worthy of the name to complete your custom USB flash drives among our range of neck straps, in the size, shape and colour of your choice. Flashy, simple, original or sophisticated, there will be something for everyone! Practical, these multifunction fasteners can be easily customisable. Choose a quick and efficient attachment system with our uncluttered and elegant neck straps that allow you to attach all your custom USB devices. Fix your custom USB sticks to your keychain, professional briefcase or pass them around your neck with our collection of neck straps, original fastening systems that will accommodate your favorite devices. Made of high-quality fabric, both strong and flexible, our neck straps can be equipped with a clip that will ensure a safe and secure ride! Our collection of Neck Straps is completed daily, so do not hesitate to come back regularly to consult our new products.


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  • Hitch all of your customised USB drives together on your well-filled keychain thanks to this 10 millimeters wide strap, so you can bring them everywhere you go.

  • Attach all your personalized USB sticks to your Well-Keys Keychain with this 20mm wide strap that will allow you to carry them anywhere with you.

  • Fix your branded USB flash drives on your keychain, your briefcase, or put it around your neck, thanks to this simple and efficient black strap, an original attachment system which can welcome all your favourite devices!

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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