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Choose the right connector for your advertising project among our wide range of customisable USB cables. OTG cables, USB and micro USB plugs, earphones or adapters, connect your USB devices easily. You can even choose to print the logo of your brand on the packaging of our USB cables thanks to their practical marking surface. Flashy or sleek, fabric, plastic or leather-wrapped, select the cable that best suits you.


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  • The 2-in-1 Crakle Flat Cable features an original finish. It has a micro USB jack and an adapter for Iphone 5/6 / 6S.

  • The 2 in 1 Android - Ios Cable is available in a variety of colors. Its reversible plug allows to connect an Android or IOS device.

  • Particularly adapted to Power Banks (lien), the Micro USB Cable will allow your high-tech collaborators to connect their micro USB devices in all simplicity.

  • Connect your electronic devices in a colourful way thanks to the Retractable Two-in-One Flat Cable, a flat USB cable with attractive colours containing a clever spool that will allow you to easily tidy it, avoiding it gets tangled with its wire compatriots !

  • Connect your electronic devices in style thanks to the Color Two-in-one Flat Cable, a ultra-flat USB cable containing a micro USB port, which will allow your clients to transfer their data from different supports, in a colourful way !

  • Kill two birds with one cable with the Flat 3-in-one USB Cable !

  • Particularly adapted to Power Banks (lien), the Flat Micro USB Cable will allow your high-tech collaborators connecting their micro USB devices in all simplicity.

  • Kill three birds with one cable thanks to the 3-in-one USB Cable !

  • Recharge the batteries of your Iphone 5 wherever you are thanks to the Flat IPhone 5 USB Cable, a cable particularly adapted to Power Banks (lien), which will allow your trendy clients connecting their latest generation smartphones in all simplicity.

  • Do not forgot your connection cable anymore thanks to the Colour Wristband Flat USB Cable, an ultra flat USB cable shaped like a wristband, which will allow you to transfer your data wherever you are !

  • Transfer your files originally with the Zip USB Cable, a cable shaped like a zipper, which will allow you to recharge the batteries of your electronic devices in a unique way.

  • Extend the cable length of your electronic devices thanks to this smart USB extension cable that will allow you working in all circumstances.  

  • Connect all your electronic devices with the OTG USB Cable, a USB cable comprising a retractable OTG connector, combined with a micro USB port, which will allow your clients to transfer their files from several supports.

  • Get used to connection constraints with this clever USB adaptor that will help you solving all the incompatibilities !

  • Solve your connection problems with the Plug USB Cable, a multipurpose cable that will allow you facing up to all incompatibilities !

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

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