Original PVC USB Flash Drives 

Let your imagination run free with our nice collection of Original PVC USB Flash Drives, exclusive and amusing advertising USB sticks, moulded according to your requirements, in 2D or 3D PVC. Shaped like the object you prefer (animals, people, food, drink, everyday objects, clothing, sports equipment, transportation, cosmetics or medical products), our range of PVC Original USB Flash Drives will offer something for every taste and budget! Our Original PVC USB Flash Drives are carefully crafted from high quality plastic, both flexible and resistant. Choose your shape, colour, locking system and accessories, and print your company’s logo or a text of your choice on your Original PVC USB Flash Drive. Also select the capacity and the USB technology that best suits you. Our Original PVC USB Flash Drives will allow you to stand out, offering your collaborators, customers or associates, a unique transfer device. All our Original PVC USB Flash Drives can be delivered with the packaging of your choice, which you can choose from our large collection of custom gift boxes. Whether you are specialised in building, food, sport, health, beauty or transportation, our Original PVC USB Flash Drives will satisfy your most demanding expectations.


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  • Model your USB stick reflected by your business with the PVC People USB Flash Drive, an original and custom advertising device that will allow you to transfer your data safely while enjoying a fun design, which should delight your geek customers!

  • With it designs of character, the Fireman USB Flash Drive is a personalize USB Flash Drive.

  • La Clé USB Gendarme séduira les professionnels et les passionnés de la gendarmerie. Originale, la Clé USB Gendarme conviendra pour vos cadeaux d’entreprise ou pour vos campagnes de formations.  

  • With it designs of character, the Worker USB Flash Drive is a personalize USB Flash Drive.

  • The Santa Claus USB Flash Drive is a friendly USB flash Drive, which will bring happiness into your marketing campaign.

  • Boost your advertising campaign with the Strawberry USB Flash Drive, a unique USB stick that will delight the most gourmand of your customers!

  • The Assault Rifle USB Flash Drive will be the perfect marketing tool to succeed all your advertising operations. This unique USB stick, both original and customisable, is a unique electronic device that will delight skilled marksmen.

  • Incorrigible chocoholics will be thrilled to know that they will not gain a single pound with the Chocolate Cake USB Flash Drive!

  • Refurbish your advertising campaign with the Gecko USB Flash Drive, an original custom flash drive that will give your marketing strategy a new impetus!

  • Quench the thirst for information of your switched-on clients with the Water Fountain USB Flash Drive, a custom advertising transfer device that will allow your company to increase its visibility.

  • Melt with pleasure in front of the Eskimo Ice Cream USB Flash Drive, a unique custom advertising flash drive, allowing you to highlight the image of your brand to increase your visibility.

  • Your gourmand customers will melt with pleasure in front of the Soft Ice Cream USB Flash Drive, a unique customisable advertising memory stick that will allow ice cream lovers to transfer their files while enjoying a fun and colourful product.

  • Quench your switched-on clients’ thirst for knowledge by choosing the Flask USB Flash Drive to complete your publicity campaign successfully!

  • Wake up your files smoothly with the Coffee Bean USB Flash Drive, an original custom flash drive that will delight good coffee lovers!

  • Make your communication campaign croak with the Frog USB Flash Drive, a fun and unusual advertising device that will surprise amphibian lovers.

Showing 1 - 15 of 212 items

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