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Original Power Banks 

Choose originality by opting for a Power Bank battery among our wide range of Original Power Banks. Let your imagination run free with these original and exclusive mobile batteries that will allow your special customers to recharge not only their smartphones and tablets but also their GPS, electronic cigarettes or cameras. Discover our wide selection of Original Power Banks and print your company logo on it, a text or a colour image, thanks to their nice marking surfaces. With our quality printing techniques, you will benefit from a unique object of high quality. Particularly suitable for your most demanding advertising and commercial operations, our Original Power Banks will be a shock marketing asset, allowing you to stand out from the competition originally. With or without screen, shaped like a pen or an amusing object, equipped with a cigarette lighter socket, or with a space to slide a paper inside, surprise everyone with our Original Power Banks, and recharge your advertising batteries in style!


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  • Try the Power Tiny is adopt it! What better way to travel than a small battery to charge your devices? But do not rely on appearances, it is not because it is compact that it will not meet your expectations!

  • Conduct a catchy communication campaign with the Power Micro, a USB advertising battery that you can easily customize.

  • Enlighten your ad campaign with the Lamp Power Bank, an original and custom-built backup battery that will recharge unloaded devices from your adventurous customers!

  • Enlighten you advertising campaign with the Doming Power Bank, a unique USB charging device which can allow you to print the logo of your brand in relief, then lights it up by means of a LED system.

  • Make the life of your hard-working collaborators easier by offering them the Screen Power Bank, an original custom backup battery they can take everywhere!   

  • Make your life easier with the Screen Plus Power Bank, an original custom backup battery you can take everywhere, for saving your life during your long-distance business trips!

  • Liven up the table of your restaurant, or the bar of your flourishing store with the Flyer Power Bank, a real charging place for electronic devices, both unique and original!

  • Recharge the batteries of your tired devices at the speed of a racing car with the Car Charger Power Bank, an original custom backup battery which will thrill your customers constantly away for their work!

  • Work in music with the Music Power Bank, a two-in-one unique external battery, which will allow your music-loving clients to recharge their nomadic devices, while listening to music!

  • Lead a catchy communication campaign with the Keychain Power Bank, a promotional USB battery that you can easily customize.

  • Offer to your portable devices the benefits of the sun thanks to the Solar Power Bank, an original solar battery, which will allow you to recharge your electronic devices without needing any source of energy!  

  • Build you a high-tech reputation by offering the Star Power Bank to your hardworking collaborators, an efficient custom external battery they can take everywhere.

  • Take your portable electronic devices out of themselves thanks to the Suitcase Power Bank, a custom backup battery shaped like a shell suitcase, which will delight your most adventurous clients!

  • The Wood Cylinder Power Bank has a wood finish. Light and elegant, it will accompany you everywhere.

  • The Notepad Power Bank is unique! A true accessory of work, it associates a battery, a notepad and a USB key.  

Showing 1 - 15 of 25 items

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