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Mini USB Flash Drives 

Do not waste your space with bulky electronic devices thanks to our large collection of Mini USB Flash Drives, easily customisable miniature USB memory sticks that will allow your customers to work free as a bird! With their original designs, our Mini USB Flash Drives are innovative, high-tech products that represent the smallest electronic devices on the USB market. Pivoting, sliding, with or without cap, choose your memory stick from a wide range of miniature transfer products that will save you some space! The small size of these USB flash drives does not prevent customisation: just like its big sisters, you can print the logo of your brand thanks to their optimal printing area. Metal, wood, aluminum or plastic, select the material you prefer, for a well-crafted communication campaign! Some of our Mini USB Flash Drives are equipped with 3.0 USB technology for faster file transfer. Check our Mini USB Flash Drives’ list regularly to keep up with latest arrivals.


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  • For a communication campaign that flies your continent’s flag, bet on the Europe Rotary Metal Mini USB Flash Drive, a unique custom publicity flash drive that will allow you offering your clients a quality product to let them transfer their precious files with a click of your fingers!

  • Brighten your advertising campaign with the Business Mini USB Flash Drive, a compact sophisticated and elegant flash drive that will delight your demanding customers.

  • Make your files magnetic with the Express Magnetic Mini USB Flash Drive, a custom flash drive particularly adapted to your urgent advertising needs.

  • Make shine your publicity campaign with the 02 Aluminium Mini USB Flash Drive, a compact custom flash drive with refined elegance, which will captivate your demanding clients!

  • Colour your professional life with the Color Mini USB Flash Drive, an entirely customisable original advertising USB stick that will delight your happy customers!

  • Give a boost to your advertising campaign thanks to the Sliding Mini USB Flash Drive, an original and sophisticated flash drive that will delight your customers keen on compact electronic devices.

  • Take your files without trouble thanks to the Elegant Mini USB Flash Drive, a miniature advertising flash drive that will have the merit of not weighing down your professional briefcase!

  • Do not hoard excessive electronic devices anymore thanks to the 3.1 Metal Mini USB Flash Drive, a miniature advertising flash drive easily customisable, which will allow your customers working freely!

  • Bring a whiff of european air to your publicity campaign thanks to the Europe Metal Mini USB Flash Drive, a top-end sophisticated USB memory stick entirely made in our continent!

  • Pivot your communication campaign on the bright side thanks to the Pivoting Mini USB Flash Drive, an original custom advertising USB memory stick, entirely made of high-quality metal.

  • For an innovative publicity campaign, opt for the Slide Mini USB Flash Drive, a waterproof USB memory stick, slim and easy to use, which will allow your customers to work under any circumstances!

  • For an innovative custom 100% european advertising campaign, opt for the Europe 3.0 Mini USB Flash Drive, a unique electronic device that will help you saving time!

  • Secure your files with the Metal Hook USB Flash Drive, a top-end publicity flash drive that will allow your customers to transfer their data while enjoying a unique product.

  • Refine your communication campaign with the Metal Shape USB Flash Drive, a top-end custom advertising flash drive that you can customise easily.

  • For an innovative advertising campaign, look for the Clip USB Flash Drive, a compact and easy-to-use USB memory stick with original design, which will allow your clients to work originally!

Showing 1 - 15 of 18 items

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