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Offer your prestigious USB flash drives, power banks and other custom USB electronic devices in a luxurious gift box, for a complete corporate gift that will delight your most elegant customers. Made from noble materials like leather, wood or velvet, our Luxury Boxes are designed for true luxury electronic devices, and will be especially suitable for Prestige USB Flash Drives, Luxury USB Flash Drives, or Gold and Silver USB Flash Drives. Our collection of Luxury Boxes will let you choose among several shapes and colours, allowing you to get a unique and fully customised product that can contain all your favourite USB promotional items. Thanks to their nice marking surface, you can easily custom your Luxury Boxes, engraving the logo of your famous brand with its slogan, on the entire surface of these gift boxes looking like precious jewel cases. Choose the format you need and put your USB products in your gift box like real diamonds! We add new products to this list daily, so do not hesitate to visit regularly our Luxury Boxes collection.


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  • Add a touch of chic to your advertising box with the Leather Wooden Box, for a dream business gift !

  • Offer your branded flash drives in a sophisticated case with the Black Rectangle Aluminium Box, a top-end advertising box, which will allow you to complete all your business gifts.

  • Offer your branded USB sticks in a luxurious box, thanks to the Black Rectangle Window Aluminium Box, a sophisticated gift case which will accommodate all your transfer devices.

  • Take care of your company gift with the Rectangle Black Aluminium Box, a black box made of quality metal, comprising in the middle, a transparent window which lets reveal the flash drive you have chosen to offer to your valued collaborators !

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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