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Leather USB Flash Drives 

The Leather USB Flash Drives of our wide range of genuine leather products will meet your most demanding advertising needs, to help you increase your visibility and differentiate yourself elegantly. Made with quality leather, our Leather USB Flash Drives have an optimal marking area that will allow you to customise your products easily, by printing the logo of your brand or a text of your choice, in order to obtain a completely custom advertising object. Our USB memory sticks are available in several shapes: rounded, oval or square, but also in more original forms: animals, vegetables, objects or wristbands, these luxury advertising flash drives will not leave indifferent! For an even more customised communication campaign, you can choose your Leather USB Flash Drive in the Pantone colour that best characterises your company. You can also decide to add convenient accessories (keyring, clip, neck strap, wristband...) for easier handling. By offering your demanding customers a Leather USB Flash Drives, you allow them to transfer their files with prestige! Do not hesitate to browse our list regularly, to keep you informed of new products.


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  • For a prestigious publicity campaign, bet on the Real Leather USB Flash Drive, a top-end, original and sophisticated flash drive, which will please the lovers of luxurious objects.

  • Take the bull by the horns with the Buffalo Leather USB Flash Drive, an exceptional advertising flash drive that will delight the lovers of beautiful objects.

  • Combine business with pleasure thanks to the Metal Leather USB Flash Drive, a 100% custom advertising USB memory stick that will allow your demanding clients to transfer their files with prestige!

  • A whiff of Western air is blowing on your files with the Cowboy Leather USB Flash Drive, an original advertising flash drive reminiscent of American wide-open spaces, which will delight the lovers of wild rides and quality objects.

  • Do not lose sight of your files anymore with the Safari Leather USB Flash Drive, a custom advertising memory stick that will surprise you by its high quality and its sophisticated design.

  • Upgrade your communication campaign with the Modern Leather USB Flash Drive, a top-end advertising flash drive all in leather, entirely made in Europe.

  • With the Magnetic Leather USB Flash Drive, be sure to benefit from a real innovative communication campaign!

  • Escape from your office for a moment and teleport you in Northwest America with the Ranch Leather USB Flash Drive, a custom elegant and sophisticated flash drive that will delight the lovers of wild rides!

  • Dress up your communication campaign with an undying elegance thanks to the Business Leather USB Flash Drive, a sophisticated top-end advertising flash drive, which will delight your neat clients

  • For an elegant and sophisticated communication campaign, opt for the Elegant Leather USB Flash Drive, a custom advertising memory stick that will delight the lovers of beautiful objects, able to combine business with pleasure!

  • Do not forget your files anymore with the Leather Wristband USB Flash Drive, an original and luxury advertising memory stick that will allow you, thanks to its provided wristband, to carry and transfer all your files, wherever you go!

  • Initiate a top-end communication strategy with the Pivoting Leather USB Flash Drive, a luxury advertising USB memory stick, both elegant and sophisticated, which will allow you to take up all the challenges!

  • Organise your files elegantly with the Leather Case USB Flash Drive, a unique custom advertising flash drive that will please all your sophisticated clients!

  • Take your files with you wherever you go thanks to the Keychain Leather USB Flash Drive, a custom advertising device that can be easily hang to your keyring.

  • The Compass Leather Flash Drive is a USB key that cleverly combines a leather USB Flash Drive and a compass.The Compass Leather Flash Drive is part of the category Leather USB Flash Drive. 

Showing 1 - 15 of 25 items

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