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Discover our large collection of top-end cardboard boxes, gift boxes made from strong cardboard, and offer your customers a complete business gift by displaying your custom USB flash drives and other electronic devices in a choice packaging, made of high-quality natural materials. Choose the colour and shape you like to give to your High-Quality Cardboard Boxes, the format you need, and make engrave the logo of your company as well as its slogan to increase your visibility and improve the reputation of your company. For an optimal closing system, we also provide magnetic boxes. Our High-Quality Cardboard Boxes will be particularly suitable for displaying, like valuable jewelry, your ecological USB flash drives and other electronic USB devices of your choice. Do not hesitate to consult regularly our range of High-Quality Cardboard Boxes, as we add new products every day.


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  • Show your contented clients their custom flash drive like a precious jewel, inside a prestigious magnetic branded case, thanks to the White Magnetic Cardboard Box, a luxurious advertising small box.

  • Show your satisfied clients their USB custom flash drive like a precious jewel, inside a luxurious magnetic branded case, thanks to the Black Magnetic Cardboard Box, a prestigious advertising small box.

  • Present your customized USB devices in a prestigious box with the Bell Cardboard Box.

  • Pack your custom flash drives in a corporate branded box thanks to the Color Cardboard Box, an advertising gift case as light as can be !

  • Offer your mobile batteries to your nomadic collaborators in a choice case with the Small Box Mobile Battery, a custom advertising case made of light cardboard, which will allow your USB device to be protected perfectly !

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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