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Flat Power Bank 

Our range of Flat Power Banks will allow your connected customers to easily charge their mobile devices in all simplicity: smartphones, tablets, GPS, electronic cigarettes or cameras, these easily customisable practical devices will become your best allies in the quest for visibility! With their stylish and ultra-flat designs that fit in every pocket, choose your Flat Power Bank with or without screen, with zingy or simple colours, uncluttered or sophisticated, in order to recharge your mobile devices in style. Our Flat Power Banks will be the ideal corporate gift to be offered to your collaborators at the occasion of your advertising events, providing them a unique and user-friendly portable charging device that will allow them to work anywhere. With their large printing areas, you can easily print a colour image, your brand’s logo or the text of your choice, and quickly increase your company’s visibility. We regularly update our collection of Flat Power Banks, so do not hesitate to consult it regularly to keep you informed.

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  • Display the logo of your brand on all pockets thanks to the Clip Power Bank, a smart external battery containing a practical clip, which will delight the lovers of original electronic devices!

  • Offer your clients the Plus Business Card Power Bank, an elegant and original charging device, delivered with a sophisticated imitation leather case which will allow them to recharge the batteries of their tired electronic devices!

  • The Pocket Power Bank won’t leave the pocket of your clients running out of energy, thanks to its efficient charging system hidden behind an elegant and ultra-slim design!

  • Go on vacation carefree with the Square Flat Power Bank, a custom advertising battery with ultra slim design, which will allow you to recharge all your portable devices in the twinkling of an eye!  

  • Slip your backup battery in your wallet with the Flat Design Power Bank, an ultra-slim USB charging device, which will fit in all pockets !

  • Sharpen your communication campaign with the Prestige Flat Metal Power Bank, an original backup battery containing a screen, which allows your customers to recharge their tired devices while informing them.

  • Slim your promotional campaign with the Slim Power Bank, an advertising electronic device which allows your clients to recharge their portable apparatuses in all simplicity.

  • Recharge the batteries of your promotional campaign thanks to the Slim Plus Power Bank, an advertising external battery which will allow your customers to recharge their nomadic devices in all simplicity.

  • The Smart 6 Power Bank features a metal finish. Light and elegant, it will accompany you everywhere.  

  • The Wood Design Power Bank has a wood finish on top. A metal plate is placed on the back. Light and elegant, it will accompany you everywhere.

  • Adapted to your most demandind marketing needs with four-coulour customization, the Flat Power Bank will provide a powerful and space-saving model.

  • Adapted to your most demanding marketing needs with four-color customization, the Simple Power Bank will provide a powerful and space-saving model.

  • Refine your promotional campaign with the Flat Metal Plus Prestige Power Bank, a colorful external battery with built-in digital screen, which will allow your clients to recharge their discharged devices while informing them.

  • Display your most attractive picture with the Photo Power Bank, an entirely customizable external battery, to be offered to all your collaborators frequently away for their work. It might save their day!

  • The Wallet Power Bank is a unique and custom advertising battery shaped like an imitation leather wallet, which allows your most sophisticated clients to recharge the batteries of their discharged electronic devices. 

Showing 1 - 15 of 26 items

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