Classic USB Flash Drives 

Discover our wide range of Classic USB Flash Drives, efficient advertising USB memory sticks adapted to your specific needs and budget, which will allow you to customise your communication campaign easily. Particularly suitable for your professional requirements, our Classic USB Flash Drives will leave you the choice among simple, elegant and user-friendly products. You will find in this category USB sticks with geometric shapes (round, oval, square, or rectangular...), made from the material of your choice (rubber, metal, plastic, aluminum...), equipped with a convenient locking system (runner, pivot, cap), and using optimal USB technology. Perfect for carrying out all your marketing operations, each of our Classic USB Flash Drive is easily customisable and can contain the logo of your brand thanks to our proven printing techniques: laser engraving, pad printing, doming or CMYK colour printing, our customisation systems will allow you to benefit from a high-quality product, adapted to your most demanding commercial expectations. Every day, we add new products to our offer, to help you find the USB flash drive you need. Do not hesitate to come back regularly to consult our list of Classic USB Flash Drives.


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  • Upgrade your advertising campaign with an out of ordinary USB flash drive thanks to the Smooth Aluminium Pivoting USB Flash Drive!

  • Turn your advertising campaign to your advantage with the Metallic Pivoting USB Flash Drive, a silver custom memory stick that will delight your customers keen on resistant electronic devices.

  • Colour your advertising campaign with the Color Pivoting USB Flash Drive, a USB memory stick that will brighten your hard days!

  • Pivot your files at 360 degrees with the Europe 3.0 USB Pivoting Flash Drive, a smart and resistant advertising flash drive that you can customise as your wish.

  • For a universal promotional campaign, bet on the Galaxy USB Flash Drive, a solid value among the multitude of USB memory sticks available on the market!

  • For a successful advertising campaign, choose the Galaxy 2 USB Flash Drive, a safe bet to begin brilliantly your marketing operations!

  • The Doming Pivoting USB Flash Drive is available in a variety of colors. Printing by doming will enable to apply photo printing.

  • The Flat Pivoting USB flash drive belongs to the new generation of USB sticks!

  • Conduct your promotional campaign at a rate of knots with the Europe Pivoting USB Flash Drive, a memory stick entirely made in Europe, which will allow your clients transferring their data in a flash!

  • Lead your publicity campaign at a rate of knots with the 3.0 USB Pivoting Flash Drive, a powerful USB memory stick that will allow your customers to transfer their data in a flash!

  • Lead your marketing strategy to advertising success with the Bullet USB Flash Drive, a quality electronic device that you can customise as you please.  

  • Update your promotional campaign with the Metal Modern USB Flash Drive, a custom advertising flash drive made of quality metal, which will allow your sophisticated customers to transfer their files safely!

  • Offer an iron constitution to your communication campaign with the Rectangle Metal USB Flash Drive!  

  • The Square Metal USB Flash Drive is an advertising custom flash drive entirely made of metal, which will allow your customers to transfer their data safely!  

  • Are you “click-happy”? The Europe 2.0 USB Click Flash Drive will delight you!

Showing 1 - 15 of 34 items

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