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  •  In its square design with its acid colors, there's a powerful 2-port USB device that will allow your connected customers to recharge their unloaded GPS, smartphones, cameras or MP3 players without leaving their vehicle.

  • Consider your business trips serenely with the 2 Ports Metal Car Charger, a smart USB device to be connected to the cigar lighter socket of your vehicle.

  • Offer your collaborators constantly away a charging device compatible with the cigarette lighter socket of their vehicle thanks to the Metal 3 Ports Car Charger, a custom USB car charger that will delight all the travellers.

  • Go over the basics with the Classic 2 Ports Car Charger, a custom USB charger that will allow the most travellers of your clients to charge their tired devices without leaving their vehicle!

  • Recharge the batteries of your tired devices at the speed of a racing car with the Car Charger Power Bank, an original custom backup battery which will thrill your customers constantly away for their work!

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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