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Offer your custom USB flash drives, power banks and other customised USB electronic devices in a fine cardboard gift box, for a complete corporate gift that will delight the most environmentally friendly of your customers. Made from thin recyclable cardboard, our Basic Cardboard Boxes will not to sacrifice your budget, while acting for the protection of the environment. Our Basic Cardboard Boxes collection is endless, allowing you to get a unique and customised product that will hold all your USB promotional items. Thanks to their large marking surface, you can easily print the logo of your brand, an image or a text that characterises it, on the entire surface of these simple and uncluttered gift boxes. User-friendly, our Basic Cardboard Boxes will take the shape you will define them. Choose the format you need and arrange your USB products as in a jewel case! We add new products every day to our Basic Cardboard Boxes collection, so do not hesitate to consult it regularly.


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  • Present your customized USB devices in a prestigious box with the Bell Cardboard Box.

  • Offer your literary customers their USB pens in a choice packaging, thanks to the Thin Cardboard Box, an original advertising box long and narrow, which will perfectly complete your business gift.

  • Highlight your custom USB flash drive with the White Window Cardboard Box, an advertising box which includes a rounded transparent window, revealing its content for the pleasure of your impatient clients !

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors thanks to the White Cardboard Box, a custom-made box which will allow you to add a corporate branded case to your custom advertising gifts.

  • Pack your custom flash drives in a corporate branded box thanks to the Color Cardboard Box, an advertising gift case as light as can be !

  • The Black Cardboard Window Box is rectangular box. It is ideal for highlighting the personalized USB key.

  • The White Pen Box is an accessory available for all USB pens without minimum order.  

  • Show your USB pens in a choice packaging with the Company Sliding Cardboard Box, a sophisticated advertising box that you can easily customise.

  • Offer your USB pens in a choice packaging with the Black Pen Cardboard Box, an advertising box shaped like a pen, which will perfectly complete all your custom business gifts.

  • Offer your satisfied collaborators their USB memory sticks in a nice branded case thanks to the Small Cardboard Box, a sophisticated advertising box you can customise at your convenience.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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