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Choose an Aluminum Box to complement your promotional gift, by selecting a product from our wide range of aluminum boxes: transparent, for pens, round or square, there is a box to suit all tastes! Our Aluminum Boxes are tailor-made, easily customisable thanks to their large marking space, allowing you to offer your custom USB flash drives and other USB devices in a jewellry box, such as precious jewels. Seminars, trade shows or business meetings, offer a complete custom gift to your loyal collaborators. We add new products to our collection daily, so do not hesitate to come back and consult our Aluminum Boxes range regularly.


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  • Make admire the content of your Transparent Cover Aluminium Box, an original advertising custom box which will allow you to complete your custom-made business gift.

  • Perfect your advertising gift with the Mini Transparent Cover Aluminium Box, a silver box made of quality aluminium, which comprises at its heart, a little transparent window revealing the flash drive of your choice.

  • Offer your custom USB flash drives in a choice case thanks to the Rectangle Mini Aluminium Box, an original custom-made advertising box, which will allow you to complete your business gift properly !

  • Offer your USB flash drives to your happy collaborators like a jewel, with the Grey Rectangle Aluminium Box, a sophisticated advertising box you can customise at your convenience.

  • Offer your USB branded flash drive in a case, like a precious piece of jewellery, thanks to the Round Aluminium Box, a custom-made advertising box which will allow you to complete your company gift.

  • Offer your custom-made USB flash drive like a precious jewel with the Mini Round Aluminium Box, a small advertising box which allows you to perfectly complete your business gift.

  • Make admire the custom flash drive you offer at preview showing, thanks to the Transparent Cover Round Box, an original advertising custom-made box which will complete your business gift.

  • Perfect for offering your clients an efficient USB pen on a silver platter, the Aluminium Box for Pen will be the ideal advertising box to complete your custom business gift !

  • Offer your custom flash drive in a case, like a prestigious jewel, thanks to the Small Aluminium Box, a sophisticated advertising box that you can easily customise.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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