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Our original collection of ABS Plastic Boxes offers you a wide range of promotional gift boxes made of high-quality thermoplastic (ABS) materials, allowing you to unveil your custom USB flash drives in a transparent plastic case that can take the shape of your choice. Gift boxes shaped like tubes for USB pens, credit card or removable transparent cover, our ABS Plastic Boxes offer you a wide range suitable for all of your USB electronic products. Choose the format you need and arrange your USB devices as in a jewel case! Convenient and user-friendly, our ABS Plastic Boxes will be particularly suitable for USB Pens, Card USB Flash Drives or Power Banks of your choice. Thanks to their large marking surface, you can easily print the logo of your brand, an image or a text that characterises it, over the entire surface of these elegant and uncluttered gift boxes. We regularly add new products to our collection of ABS Plastic Boxes, so do not hesitate to come back.


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  • Offer your custom USB pens in a choice packaging thanks to the Pen Plastic Box, a plastic advertising box shaped like a pen, which will perfectly complete your customized business gift.

  • Write a new advertising page to your company’s story with the Tube Plastic Box, an original packaging in the shape of a transparent tube, which will accommodate all your favorite USB pens !

  • Present your clients their custom USB flash drives in a prestigious case like precious jewelry thanks to the Magnetic Cover Plastic Box, an advertising case made of flexible but resistant plastic, which will make a splash during all your events !

  • Insert the Credit Card USB Flash Drive (lien) you chose inside the Credit Card Plastic Box, a dream advertising box allowing you to benefit from an entirely custom-made business gift !

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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